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10 species bats Chiroptera penis morphology and taxonomic significance of

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Year 2005
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Mainly based on classical taxonomy mammal skulls , teeth and hair color and other anatomical morphology . For similar species or sibling species (Sibling species), with the classic classification method for accurate identification is often difficult. To solve this problem , taxonomists from genetics, cytology , immunology, molecular biology ecology and other aspects of a useful attempt , accurate identification of species from different angles provide useful information . And the other methods, but also from the other side penis morphology of species identification provide evidence. The application from the penis morphology understanding of the definition of species : species are able to mate with each other and produce offspring fecundity natural populations , and with other populations reproductively isolated from each other . Since the species and between species is reproductive isolation , whether as a mating organ penis is unique it ? With this question , the scientists found a penis bone . The study found that software glans penis bone structure and classification of species have an advantage . Because, was born in the mating organ inside the penis bone , because the special status which make it withstand the pressure on the environment than the limbs and skulls pressure is small , with a highly species characteristics ; penis bone morphological differences are an important factor in reproductive isolation ; software structure glans highly species characteristics , resulting in a new discipline - morphology generation penis . Mammals, there are seven types of projects or parts of animals has a penis bone : they are insectivore (Insectivora), Chiroptera (Chiroptera), Primates (Primates), Carnivores (Carnivora), fins mesh (Pinnipedia) , rodents (Rodentia) and cetaceans (Cetacea). The use of penis morphology to distinguish species , especially the distinction between similar taxonomic status and controversial animal species there are many reports in foreign countries . Some scholars have also used the penis morphological parameters of the system configuration tree research , and taxonomic status of some species have been adjusted . The analysis of previous studies reported findings , there are relevant studies focused on rodents , Chiroptera , there are many reports . But domestic research less Chiroptera research is completely blank . Chiroptera is the second largest mammal orders, is truly the only flying mammal taxa capacity ,

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