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The Enhancement of Irradiation to Hypoxic Human Cervical Cancer Line(Hela Cell) by Hyperthemia and CMNA

Author YinJinJun
Tutor LiuHuiZhong
School Shandong University
Course Oncology
Keywords HeLa cells Glycodidazolum sodium Hyperthermia SER OER TER
CLC R737.33
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Objective To observe the hyperthermia and sodium glycodidazolum the human cervical enhanced role , lack of oxygen in HeLa cells radiation therapy to explore a reasonable lack of oxygen sensitizer mode . Method 1 . Establish hypoxic HeLa cell model for hypoxic cells irradiated group for the test group , aerobic cells irradiated group as a control group , count the number of clones vitro cell colony formation method , fitting cell survival curve , different situations , a D 0 values ??to calculate the OER . Conducted of sodium of glycodidazolum toxicity test . Vitro cell colony formation method for vertical and horizontal coordinates were CMNa concentration and cell viability draw scatterplot , curve fitting to SAS8.0 , linear equation , calculated ID 50 and its non-toxic concentration . 3. Lack the oxygen irradiation 0.24mmol / l , 0.48 mmol / l , 1.44 mmol / l glycodidazolum sodium for the test group for the control group , the hypoxic exposure alone vitro cell colony formation method to count the number of clones obtained was under different circumstances D 0 values ??fit the cell survival curve , calculate their respective SER . 4 . Aerobic cells in vitro cell colony formation method to compare with the thermal sensitivity of hypoxic cells . 5. Before irradiation , hyperthermia, hyperthermia after irradiation for the experimental group , the simple irradiation for the control group were given different doses of X-ray irradiation vitro cell colony formation method to count the number of clones , fitting cell survival curve , calculated each TER. 6. Elect optimized combination : the the irradiation high concentration of glycyl of Sodium hyperthermia ( after radiotherapy ) with radiation alone as the control , curve fitting , calculate the SER . Results . Hypoxia model successfully established the the calculated D 0 aerobics was 1.21 , D hypoxia to 3.25 OER 2.76,2 with different concentrations of CMNa as the independent variable x, and cell survival as a result of the variable Y is plotted scattergram , found that with the increase of the concentration of the independent variable , due to the value of the variable cell viability acceleration decreasing trend , it can be chosen exponential curve for curve fitting . Take y = lgY, curve fitting after SAS8.0 , linear equation lgY =-0.0952-0.0099x, that is Y =

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