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Study on Carbon Dioxide Partial Pressure and Its Flux on the Air-water Interface in the Yellow River Estuary and Yangtze Estuary

Author LiYan
Tutor ZhangLongJun
School Ocean University of China
Course Marine Chemistry
Keywords Carbon dioxide partial pressure pCO2 Estuary Carbon flux
CLC P734.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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In this paper, in August 2003, in September of the adjacent waters of the Yellow River mouth and the May 2004 survey of the adjacent waters of the Yangtze Delta, and the 2004 in April, further investigation of the Yellow River Mouth brackish water mixing process in September, won the seawater the pCO 2 measured data, combined with the simultaneous observation data related hydrological, chemical and biological factors, and explore the estuary area, especially in the brackish water mixing zone of the pCO 2 distribution characteristics to estimate water stretch interface CO 2 flux. The main conclusions are as follows: the adjacent waters of the Yellow River Mouth the small water period surface pCO 2 distribution uneven, high turbidity, high the pCO 2 , low temperature Yellow River the dilute water will exit doors, with the gradual subsidence of the large amount of sediment in the mixing of the brackish water, river water, the water temperature increased, the surface waters of the pCO 2 gradually reduced. Wanninkhof (1992) mode and mesh statistical method, the Yellow River Mouth investigation sea area (area 1.852 × 10 3 km 2 ) released into the atmosphere in the summer of 2003 3.62 × 10 4 tC, in the autumn of 2003 sea area (area of ??9.693 × 10 3 km 2 ) 14.63 × 10 4 release to the atmosphere tC. Mixing process, the brackish water of the Yellow River mouth the high the pCO 2 , high pH, ??low salinity between freshwater and seawater of the Yellow River rushed brackish water mixed physical mixing mechanism affecting the pCO 2 distribution. Yellow River mouth surface pCO 2 is mainly affected by the water carbonate system. The Yangtze Delta Spring surface water pCO 2 distribution is uneven, low salt and the Yangtze freshwater biological activities should be low salt zone surface pCO 2 distribution The main factors. High salinity brackish water of the Yangtze River estuary mixing zone, pCO 2 distribution of impact factors should be mainly to the Changjiang diluted freshwater and seawater mixed physical mechanism. The Yangtze Delta summer surface water the pCO 2 uneven distribution, the process of the expansion of the CDW to the northeast, with suspended solids deposition, thermal stratification, light transmission rate, phytoplankton photosynthesis strengthened the surface CO 2 consumption, resulting in surface water of the pCO 2 reduction. Yangtze River Estuary and adjacent waters of the entire survey area of ??29.7 × 10 4 km 2 , can be absorbed from the atmosphere in the summer of 18 × 10 4 tC. Yangtze Delta and the the survey waters in the East China Sea, to consider the impact of different river systems, the high turbidity of the water body, S lt; 30 red freshwater area S gt; 30 investigated sea surface seawater pCO 2 by factors of temperature, salinity, phosphate model. The area of ??the Yangtze River estuary and its adjacent waters salinity less than 30 atmospheric CO 2 sinks, biological activity is affecting the surface seawater pCO 2 and causing atmospheric CO 2 exchange main factors. The area of ??the Yellow River Estuary and adjacent waters salinity less than 30 2 source of atmospheric CO brackish water mixed physical processes affecting the surface seawater pCO 2 and causing atmospheric CO 2

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