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Wandering sailor last literati

Author PengJieYan
Tutor GuoPing
School Nanjing Normal University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Shen Congwen Wang Zengqi Love and beauty Humanity Cultural Psychology
CLC I206.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Literary researchers mostly from the work style of Shen Cong Wen Wang Zengqi two merged into a genre - Beijing School. Undeniable Shen from the of Wang Zengqi two of his teachers, appeared on the two creative style of communicating, but Shen Congwen Wang Zengqi, after all, two people duo aesthetic sense, the background of life, the ideal of life of the same. This paper attempts to find the same theme through careful scrutiny of the two creation showing different styles of these topics in the text and in-depth analysis of the reasons for this discrepancy is that, from the perspective of cultural psychology. Finally, we will find: two writers seem very similar, their style is actually quite different. The article discussed three levels. First, starting from the theme of love and beauty. This is a common theme in Shen Cong Wen and Wang Zeng Qi creation. In Shen Congwen the works, love and beauty may not last long, destined to wither, the power of the people is always lost to the good fortune of playing all wonderful human personnel finally left sad and painful; but in Wang Zengqi pen, love and beauty included in people's daily life. Productive labor, folk customs, everywhere is full of emotion and beauty in the form of love, to bring people hope and warmth. Hot and cold, the two are completely different. The second, from the theme of human nature to discuss two different Shen Congwen recourse natural raw human nature and abstract divinity humanity to rebuild the natural health of human nature; Wang Zengqi reject metaphysical contemplations, adhere to good deeds principle by praise OK, defuse the vile way for the construction of a harmonious reality of human nature. Extent explore the reach of human nature, a towering profound a flat plain. Third, from a cultural psychology perspective to analyze the causes of Shen Wen and Wang Zeng Qi style. Xiang Chu Culture loneliness, depression of the unique qualities and personal life experiences intertwined a Shen from the text to a desolate feel like wandering sailors arrived in the value of life, the source of recourse against the essence of life, and the courage to face the death life helplessly ordained. Jiangnan literati tradition of culture profoundly affected Zengqi, he canceled the questioning of the meaning of life, to the scholar's intellectual, quiet, banter, to explore the daily life of a beautiful woven warm dream of a benevolent heart, filled this world , purify people's hearts.

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