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Narcissism in Wuthering Heights

Author DongChunPing
Tutor ChenXin
School Nanjing Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Emily Bronte Narcissism Wuthering Heights
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Accordance with the theory of narcissism, Freud's psychoanalytic theory can be found in Emily Bronte psychological trauma experienced during childhood led to her narcissistic tendencies. This tendency has been confirmed in her only novel, \In early childhood, Emily lost her mother, her self-development caused huge obstacles, affect the development of her self-consciousness, and cause her to have a strong self-protection and self-love consciousness. Her place of residence, remote Haworth also indirectly enhanced her sense of self-love. Its vast wilderness to make her the best place to find a release strong emotions of self. Of nature, she has the kind of no names like warmly emotional wasteland has been released. Her lifetime regarded Haworth as an integral part of their own lives, as their paradise, which explains why she was four long journey to leave the Haworth immediately sick sake. Her masculine character further shows she has a strong self-protection and self-love consciousness. These facts prove that Emily has narcissistic tendencies. This tendency is also reflected in her novels. Emily Bronte, \Catherine narcissistic three symptoms: a strong sense of hysteria and \Homesickness because she and Heathcliff living together to guide the formation of her self-centered character and a strong sense of self; lack of positive family she can not honestly face up to the self led her hysteria; Wuthering Heights as their ultimate destination, their own homes and look forward to one day go back there again to live in freedom and Heathcliff. Heathcliff narcissism is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, social isolation to the outside world and fall into a state of narcissism abandoned; Second, the two seemingly contradictory symptoms of narcissistic, sadistic and self-flagellation in his possession has been unified. Based on the Greek myth about the legend of the primitive man, Catherine and Heathcliff is a pair of split, they have a total of some narcissistic characteristics: social exclusion as two people, they regard each other as self, ideal self image; always seeking the unity of the two. Final death indeed they reached into one.

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