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Structure of the five-year follow-up episode schizophrenia

Author FangJinNv
Tutor LiChunZuo
School Yanbian University
Course Health Toxicology
Keywords Schizophrenia Time untreated psychosis After Ending Relapse Suicide
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Objective: To understand psychiatric treatment time end (DUP) and the spiritual relationship between the onset of symptoms , as defined DUP and prognosis of schizophrenia provide the basis for five years . Methods: A retrospective cohort study , Chonbuk National University Hospital, Korea selected in January 2005 to March period 32 cases of hospitalized patients with schizophrenia , beginning of the study all patients were initial cases , and in accordance with DSM-Ⅳ diagnostic criteria . Use PANSS, Strauss-Carpinter comprehensive functional assessment scale , CDSS, insight and self-evaluation scale self \Under the principle of human rights violations are not the patients themselves and their families get the consent of follow-up investigation. Results : 1. Affect the outcome of five years, the main factors were: medication during follow-up situation , family and social support , vocational and onset form (R ~ 2 = 0.5526). Female patients in psychiatric symptoms , especially positive symptoms than male patients improved significantly ; adherence to medication right after the onset of symptoms to help (P lt; 0.05). 2.DUP average 32.10 ± 34.49 weeks earlier age of onset , DUP shorter . The longer DUP higher PANSS general pathology , depression , and total duration of hospital stay longer , CDSS score lower (P lt; 0.05). DUP effects and drug outpatient treatment status periodically compliance. 3 of suicidal behavior by working time, total hospital stay, psychiatric symptoms, depressive symptoms , the overall function. Conclusions : 1. 5-year outcome in patients with schizophrenia by biological, psychological and social impact of a variety of factors , which may interfere with factors play an important role. 2.DUP longer 5-year outcome of schizophrenia worse , shorten the DUP can improve the course of disease course and outcome. 3.DUP indirect influence suicidal behavior. 4 after the onset of symptoms can help to improve medication adherence . During follow-up professional support interpersonal and work and study other aspects of the social function improves. 5 Early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment is still improving the course and outcome of schizophrenia and the prognosis of the most effective ways .

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