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Research on Germplasm Resources of Ornamental Vegetables and Its Development and Utilization

Author YangXinHua
Tutor XiangChangPing
School Huazhong Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Extension
Keywords Ornamental vegetables Germplasm Resources Evaluate Development and utilization Problems and Countermeasures
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Broadly define the meaning of ornamental vegetables that have a certain aesthetic value, and can be used as table consumption, suitable for indoor and outdoor layout, landscaping and the plant general term to enrich people's lives. Ornamental vegetables appear inevitable result of China's social and economic development, and has broad market prospects. Finishing the traditional ornamental vegetable germplasm resources, and also expand the modern germplasm resources. Rich ornamental vegetable germplasm resources in China, many of the traditional ornamental plants, had vegetables, there are many traditional vegetables initially ornamental plants; modern vegetables and ornamental plants meaning extended ornamental vegetable germplasm resources continue to expand, to explore, such as new types of existing species introduction and cultivation of rare species and special cultivation techniques, applications, and so on. Ornamental vegetable germplasm resources, classified according to the ornamental characteristics, divided into the concept of flowers, fruit, and the concept of the four types of stems and leaves and aroma. According to the results of the author's observation, made a brief focus on excellent types of pumpkins, gourds, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, kale and spices vegetables, whose type varieties and cultivation applications. Ornamental vegetables, ornamental beauty features. Ornamental vegetable beauty special. The natural beauty of the traditional ornamental plants are feelings through the visual or olfactory flowers, fruits, stems and leaves, attitude and flavor, but ornamental vegetables can also be aesthetic taste to feel unique natural flavor, this taste realm viewing vegetables vegetables characteristics specially endowed beauty. When ornamental vegetables natural beauty attributes the spiritual character of the people, and in order to express the thoughts and emotions of the people, the natural beauty has been sublimated, rose to the cultural and artistic beauty. The formation and development of the cultural and artistic beauty of vegetables benefited from the the ornamental vegetables contribution. China has many folk customs, poetry, calligraphy and carving handicrafts are all closely related to ornamental vegetables. Application value, ornamental vegetables park in urban agriculture, production of ornamental special garden of vegetables, production of specialty vegetable foods and vegetables and other gifts; in the living room, can not only beautify the environment, and can supplement safe and nutritious fresh vegetables; garden, both as potted plants, bedding plants, ground cover plants, or as a hedge plant, climbing green plants, water features and plants, and the Court of shade plants, can create a lot of beautiful modern landscape. Pointed out the problems facing the development of ornamental vegetables. City Tourism ornamental vegetables show the rapid development of agriculture in China's huge space for development. But in its infancy, the faces are also many problems: such as domestic outstanding ornamental vegetable species and varieties of shortage; backward cultivation techniques supporting; the market promotion inadequate; specialization, low level of industrialization; research and development talent shortage. Ornamental vegetables, rely on a variety of resources and its supporting technology research; rely on increased promotion, and constantly develop new markets; rely on scientific and technological progress, the development of ornamental vegetables industrialization; must rely on government support, not only to increase investment in the construction of industrial infrastructure, to increase technology industry and investment in education, but also the implementation of effective monitoring of macro.

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