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Study on Explosive Powder Compaction of WC/Cu Composites

Author WangZhanLei
Tutor LiXiaoJie
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Engineering Mechanics
Keywords Explosive compaction Shock wave WC / Cu Composites Shock equation of state
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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The explosive powder sintering technique is the explosive energy generated role in the in the form of a shock wave in the powder so that it occurs in the moment, under the high temperature and high pressure sintering a materials processing technology , is explosive processing areas of the third generation of research object . Processing technology as a high-energy , explosive powder sintered with sintering time is short , the role of pressure characteristics . WC particle reinforced Cu matrix composites as a resistance welding electrode materials , and a wide range of development and applied research , the preparation process using conventional powder metallurgy vacuum hot pressing and cold pressing sintering method . This article will attempt to use the explosive powder sintering prepared WC / Cu composite . The paper analyzes the impact of explosive powder sintered porous materials equation of state , the macro mechanism Mesomechanism ; loading device blast on the analysis of the powder effect . In the experimental section , using a single tube symmetric slip detonation of the method , the powder of the WC / Cu explosive powder sintering , the sintered product is used as desired to excellent resistance welding electrode material . Improved explosive compaction device , eliminating the impact of the quality of the compacted billet After many experiments pre various unfavorable factors . The powder mixed powder through hydrogen reduction , vacuum and other series Process , and explosive compaction , and eventually got the better of explosive compaction billet . The WC / Cu mixed powder impact the equation of state , made ??the porous material of the PV diagram . Were detected and analyzed on the compacted billet macro structure , microstructure and material properties obtained explosives detonation velocity powder than explosive impact energy of process parameters on the explosive compaction billet density , looking out the optimum process parameters . Required in accordance with the development of microelectronic technology indicators, obtained by the explosion of powder sintering method WC / Cu composite material , regardless of the compressive strength , conductivity or resistance to high temperature softening temperature are able to meet the needs of practical application .

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