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Analysis about Reservoir’s Siltation in Shanxi Province and the Variation of Its Storage Capacity

Author WangHuiRang
Tutor TanGuangMing;DengXianYi
School Wuhan University
Course Hydraulic Engineering
Keywords Reservoir Siltation Water storage capacity Prevention and cure
Type Master's thesis
Year 2004
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For a long time due to serious soil erosion, watershed and river sediment , the reservoir spillway facilities are incomplete and scheduling mismanagement and other reasons , caused by reservoir sedimentation is a serious problem . Shaanxi Province reservoir sedimentation investigation and analysis on the basis , in accordance with the capacity of siltation rate Projections for the detention capacity of small and medium-sized reservoirs will be gradually silted . With the decrease in the effective capacity of siltation will bring : reservoir to resist floods ability to continue to lower the water storage capacity of the reservoir ; 2 , gradually reduce water efficiency has continued to shrink ; 3, the end of the backwater would have serious siltation and gradually upstream development , the upstream quite a long river navigation conditions deteriorate ; 4, the groundwater poor drainage result in low-lying areas of waterlogging or salinization ; 5, downstream riverbed cut , bend erosion intensified , he may cause the reservoir sediment downstream the river siltation downstream water supply, irrigation water diversion project has brought a series of questions ; sedimentation also water pollution transfersomes , and impact on the ecological environment of downstream . Based on previous research in the reservoir sedimentation and to combine the desilting study over the years and the region 's reservoirs Desilting of practical experience , a corresponding improvement measures : (1) the establishment of the sediment monitoring and hydrological forecasting system , comprehensive and timely information on the region's watershed characteristics , rainfall in the area and intensity , and duration, channel morphology and sediment motion and reservoir sedimentation morphology and water storage ; (2) be amended as soon as possible reservoir operation , according to the water and sediment and reservoir operation state , take appropriate operation scheduling and the use of a variety of sediment sediment storage or sludge excretion out of the library , reservoir management training ; (3) in the upstream of the reservoir near the construction of intercepting sediment library , intercepting sediment library not only can reduce the downstream reservoir siltation, and its fertile warping , conducive to farming , has great benefits for local farmers ; (4) soil and water conservation is the fundamental way to reduce the area of reservoir sedimentation , commonly used measures of silt dam construction and returning farmland to forest and grassland .

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