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The Folklore Analysis on the Folk Band of Wind and Percussion Music Nanyang

Author ZhouFangYuan
Tutor MaZiXiang
School Northwest University for Nationalities
Course Folklore
Keywords folk band of wind and percussion music field work acoustic signifier customs and rules folk roles self adjusting
CLC J607
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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From serve for the ruling class to take root among the people,the wind and percussion music has experienced times change for thousands years,and broken away from its original forms. The wind and percussion music is mentioned in this thesis which specifically refers to a instrumenal ensembles folk form which with suona played primarily.Until nowdays ,it is still vitality,widespread and requently-used.All of these can not separate from folk activities and folk bands of wind and percussion music.In this thesis, it will via describing the form , transmission,instruments,performance and musical compositions of the folk band to draw the outline of the folk band of wind and percussion music in Nanyang.Then,take a folk obsequies for example, and detail the band how they work in this process,furthermore,discuss its cultural connotation and function.The musical instrument of the band is a kind of acoustic signifier;such as obsequies, many traditional folk customs demand for the band, which virtually is the folk voluntarily comply with the customs and rules; the folk artisan play different parts in the same folk event. Via these three points,we will make further study for the folk band of wind and percussion music,which from the folklore perspective.With the rapid development of the society, new things emerge in endlessly, and People’s demand changes unceasingly,the folk band of wind and percussion music still can exist and develop,there must be particular social value and their own endeavor.In fact,atrophy has become an inevitable trend, the problem that the folk band how to inherited, is that we must carefully think about.

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