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Dialogue with the Life

Author ZhengMin
Tutor GuoBeiPing
School Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Mass culture Professional art Elite culture Masses of Fine Arts Grassroots culture Creative arts
CLC J209.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Mass Art is a kind of socio-cultural patterns of Fine Arts of the masses is an important part of the culture of the masses, the quality of the art cadres plays a decisive role in the speed and level of the the masses art career development, professional art talent endless stream, more and more professional art talent added to which the construction of the masses art career, but for the understanding of the art of the masses is very vague and limitations, therefore, an extremely important issue, the problem of the relationship between professional art and mass art will be highlighted in front of us, as a professional Fine Arts cadres how to play the advantages of professional art guided the masses art health, prosperity, and constantly improve the quality of the spirit of the whole society, which require the attention of the whole society and perfect. The article mainly taken a comparative study, citing the history of literature, summarized, for example, feasibility studies and other methods, combined professional art theory, sociology of education, the mass cultural learning, contact the author found that the practice of the art work of the masses, the new era of professional fine arts in-depth comparative study with the characteristics of the art of the masses, to analyze the function of both the social, cultural value, summed up the relationship between professional art and mass art, a professional art cadres more clear understanding of their work duties, clear how the masses dialogue with the living art work in dialogue with the masses, accumulation of professional creative life material, so as to stimulate the inspiration to create works of art with the breath of life; mass art work for the masses art professional the advantages of art knowledge to guide the development of the art of the masses, making the development of the art of the masses under the guidance of a professional art more healthy, prosperous, so as to enhance the the universal aesthetic accomplishment and aesthetic qualities, professional art and the masses of Fine Arts to play to their strengths and promote each other, and constantly improved. The article is divided into four parts, the first part of the questions, analysis of significance. The second part of the study of the characteristics of the professional art and mass art, the comparison between the two, to find common ground. The third part of the analysis of professional art and the masses of Fine Arts different social functions and cultural values. The fourth section summarizes the relationship of professional art and art of the masses. Part V concludes - professional art is conducive to the healthy development of protection of the masses Fine Arts Fine Arts of the masses are the most effective ways and means to achieve professional art and aesthetic education, and finally make a thought for the future of the art development of the masses.

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