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Reading Strategies Used by Non-English Majors and Reading Strategy Training

Author LiWei
Tutor MiaoXingWei
School Shandong University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Learning Strategies Read Reading strategies Reading strategies training (SBI)
CLC H319.36
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Modern language teaching in the past few decades from research turned to more research and attention of learners and learning methods and concerns of teachers and teaching methods. The study of language learning strategies which came into being. Whether it is the first language (L1) or second language (L2) reading research, the process of reading and reading patterns, language learning successful learning strategies and reading strategies training effectiveness research language teaching and research an important issue. For a long time, China's English teaching, reading lessons have been the most important subjects. However, the teaching of reading, there are some problems, a more prominent problem is that the training activities on the reading lessons to learn the language knowledge. The purpose of reading seems only to learn pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, by means of the language to read the text material result is that teachers teach vocabulary, grammar, and students that reading is memorizing vocabulary, knowledge of grammar and figure out the syntax of each sentence structure. Shows that a proper understanding of reading is the primary task of the current teaching of reading. Learning strategies, reading strategies, theoretical research and practical application of the reading mode to start reading the status quo in the investigation of non-English majors in English learning, such as: the use of the scope and magnitude of the students reading strategies; level of different languages ??use different strategy The strategic use of gender differences, and to explore the effectiveness of reading strategies training. Read the status quo of the 290 English Sophomores Shandong Agricultural University (2003) conducted a survey, recovered 237 valid English reading strategies questionnaire analysis found that the following phenomena: college students in reading in use strategy, the frequency of use of the traditional strategy is slightly larger than the frequency of use of non-traditional strategies; higher levels of language more frequent use of non-traditional strategy and top-down strategy, a lower level language people use traditional strategies and under more frequent on the strategy; Generally speaking, the strategy of using gender differences are not very significant, women use reading strategies frequency slightly higher than the male. In order to test the strategy training for higher language level test of the validity of the study design strategy of a three-month training test. The trial is extracted from 237 valid subjects by the same teachers teaching the same classes of 59 students as subjects of strategy training. In order to ensure the validity of the test, the 59 subjects were re-placement, Arts and Law from 2003 in which 30 subjects comprising the experimental class, 29 from 2003

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