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Ideological and political education of full - time graduate after enrollment

Author LiuZuo
Tutor YangYingChao
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords expanded enrollment postgraduates ideological and Political Education "embedded"
CLC G643.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Since 1999, Chinese colleges have expanded the scale of their enrollment. Chinese higher education has hitherto made its unprecedented development during the last 12 years. Especially in the area of the graduate education, it gains the profound even epoch-making changes and huge success. Along with the reform and development of higher education, the social demands of high-level talents grows rapidly, and the requirements of postgraduates quality increase gradually.As it is, the country has adjusted its postgraduate admission policy, and the amount of postgraduates is largely increasing. This article is to study the full-time college postgraduats’ ideological and political education since the expanding enrollment (1999 up to the present). For a long time, we mainly focus on the ideological and political education of the students in undergraduate and collage stages while having relatively ignored the postgraduate students. The postgraduate education is the highest level in our higher education. The postgraduate students’ ideological and political status not only directly relates to our work in science and education quality, but also relates to China’s modernization. Along with the ongoing acceleration of the country’s higher education reform and development process, the amount of postgraduates has exploded rapidly. In 1999, there are 0.234 million postgraduate students in China, while when it comes to the year 2009, this number is added to 1.405 million. Meanwhile,, graduate of the age structure, physical and psychological characteristics, levels and other aspects of students is constantly changing, the traditional ideological and political education also will continue to show non-adaptive. How to improve the traditional method of ideological and political education, and how to adapt the ideological and political education system based on the new social situations are two of the problems confronting college staff and to be solved. China always attaches great importance to the ideological and political education of the postgraduate students and continually strengthens the postgraduates’ideological and political education. Meanwhile, many relevant documents are issued in order to strengthen and improve the ideological and political education of postgraduate students. Most research scholars and educators in the area of ideological and political education now are facing unprecedented development opportunities as well as severe challenges. Based on the macro background, the author conducted researches and investigations into the postgraduates’ ideological situation, ideological and political education, and the ideological and political theory courses in four universities and colleges in China, so as to obtain the data statistics and analysis. According to the national related document spirit, the training objectives of postgraduates, the new changes of domestic and international situation, and giving full consideration to the postgraduates group, in this article the author proposes some effective measures and methods to strengthen and improve the ideological and political education of postgraduates. First propose the concept called "embedded" ideological and political education, argues that the ideological and political education in the new content into the ideological and political education system; ideological and political education work into the postgraduate study and life; the ideological and political education workers are embedded into the graduate groups, which can achieve a "stealth" methods of work, get twice the result with half the effort effect education effect

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