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Airborne Laser SINS Optimization Algorithms

Author PengJinSong
Tutor QinYongYuan
School Northwestern Polytechnical University
Course Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords Coning error Paddle error Scroll error The great circle route Expand the navigation parameters
CLC V249.32
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Autonomy, of concealment and navigation information completeness and inertial navigation system-specific features, which determines the special position of the inertial navigation system in military applications , precision-guided laser SINS technology to improve our weapons from a crucial role . Laser SINS optimization algorithm to meet the precision-guided weapons platforms ( aircraft) , in order to improve the overall accuracy of the laser SINS system , in-depth research . The main research work is concentrated in the algorithm, algorithm derivation and simulation , specifically: a brief INS theoretical basis . To define some common parameters , the definition of a vector cross product , the Coriolis theorem to derive the coordinate transformation , the basic equation illustrates some of the symbol conventions . 2 , the laser SINS algorithm in-depth , accurate derivation . Study the following algorithm: attitude update the quaternion algorithm to calculate the rotation vector algorithm ; cone motion environment , rotation vector sub-sample solution and the algorithm drift and optimization algorithms ; the speed algorithm paddling effect compensation algorithm and optimization algorithm ; the rotation effect compensation algorithm in the location algorithm , the the scroll effect compensation algorithm and optimization algorithm . Detailed derivation and expand the navigation parameters and the great circle route track solver algorithm , we also give the algorithm flow chart . 4, the laser SINS optimized route planning algorithm and the great circle route to all-digital simulation . The course of the study , data collection, analysis , induction, mathematics, mechanism of derivation , simulation method . From the simulation results can be seen after optimization algorithm solver attitude accuracy of the angle of the order of scores , the position accuracy Damien order of magnitude ( 1000s ) . The innovation of this thesis are: 1, laser SINS attitude , speed, position solver optimization algorithm . 2, the proposed extension of the navigation parameters and the great circle route track solver algorithm . 3 , the laser SINS programming optimization algorithm and the great circle route route planning all-digital simulation .

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