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After the Founding of the Land Reform Research in Henanprovince

Author ZhuWeiGuang
Tutor LiYongFang
School Henan Normal
Course Specialized History
Keywords Early Days Henan Province Land reform
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In the summer of 1949 and early 1952, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, Henan Province in the newly liberated areas to carry out a vigorous land reform movement. Land reform movement of the past with the leadership of the Communist Party of China, this land reform is carried out in the case of the national people's regime has been established, the early days of the Communist Party of China still face a variety of challenges and unfavorable situation, the newly liberated areas of land The reform took place in such an extraordinary period, has its historical inevitability. Completion of the land reform is an inevitable requirement of the new democratic revolution in China, but also to consolidate the needs of the grassroots political power of rural people. Combined was in the old and new economic system, the country is facing severe economic situation, the CPC Central Committee to achieve a fundamental improvement of our financial and economic, an important step is the step by step in an orderly land reform. Before the land reform there is a notable feature of the land situation in Henan province - the high concentration of land. Of the total population of less than 10% of the landlord class, occupies 50% of the province's arable land. Under extremely unreasonable land distribution system as well as cruel landlord rent, usury, exploitation, the vast majority of land and peasants with little live unusually a life of poverty. Henan Province, the land reform was carried out according to the line, principles and policies of the CPC Central Committee and the Central South Bureau New Area land reform, as well as the People's Republic of China Outline Land Law. Henan Province, the whole process of land reform can be broadly divided into three phases: the preparation phase (early 1949 - the summer of 1949), this period of banditry against hegemony, rent and interest reduction and mobilizing and organizing the masses preparations; roll-out phase ( Winter 1949 - Spring 1951), at this stage, mainly in the province-wide the three batches land reform; review stage (the summer of 1951 - 1952 in February), before the land reform mainly on the comprehensive examination rectify and correct the wrong class composition program, strengthen the power of the farmers' associations, the consolidation of political power at the grassroots level. The early days of Henan Province, land reform under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee, starting from objective factual circumstances of the province, the plan steps batches step by step, generally have experienced the following steps: First, it is widely vigorously promote land reform policies, and actively mobilize the masses, formed the backbone of the land reform. Complained divided class, carry out the struggle, the confiscation of land and property allocation landlords, assigned to the landless peasants with little. Fourth, the formation of a variety of organizations, issuing land certificates to determine land ownership. End land reform, turned to the production and construction. Throughout the early days of the whole process of land reform in Henan Province, the subjective and objective reasons, but also has its deficiencies, the work of land reform \But the achievements are unquestionable. Eliminated the landlord class, the rural land tenure rationalization, the farmers get the land through the land reform, improved living conditions, laid the foundation for the subsequent social and economic development in Henan Province. The issue of land reform in the early days of analysis and research, Henan Province, summed up the historical experience and lessons, for a correct understanding of the class struggle of the rural areas of Henan, the long-term nature and complexity of the land reform and economic construction, profoundly reveals the rules and characteristics of the development of the Chinese revolution, have important academic value and theoretical significance. Especially in China's reform and opening up further, and rural areas, agriculture and farmers called the \The reason for land reform in Henan Province, policies, methods, measures, role, experience and characteristics of the historical basis and reference for today's Henan Province, rural social stability and harmony, the development of agriculture and rural areas in the future reform .

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