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Mencius Human Nature of Modern Ideal Personality

Author ZhangYanYan
Tutor GuoHongJi
School Qinghai Normal
Course Chinese Philosophy
Keywords Mencius Ideas of Human Nature Ideal Personality
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Human Nature is one of the central theme of Chinese philosophy, human nature very early discussion of open source, to Mencius period before the systematic, become independent doctrine. After that, the theory of human nature and especially Xunzi evil nature greatest impact. Since China's entry into the modern history of the introduction of the modern Western view of human nature, to emphasize human evolution and human nature is self-interest, and thus advocates of freedom, equality, democracy and civil rights. The traditional Chinese thinking and culture is essentially a knowledge about the \Confucianism as a mainstream Chinese culture, but also attach importance to investigate the reason why human nature, human nature, human values, the realization of the ideal, the ideal personality, as well as the person's life and death and freedom and so on. Confucian culture is the formation of these distinctive concerned about the earthly life of the human spirit, \The Mencius humanity thought had a profound impact on future generations, Mencius' Theory of Human Nature, according to modern reality, sort Humanity Thought of modern theoretical value and practical value. With the development of China in personality development, a brief analysis of the ancient the ideal personality, and on this basis, further analysis of the characteristics of the ideal personality based Mencius' Theory of Human Nature,. In the new historical situation, rooted in the new social cultural soil, history reasonable values ??have lost the sublation Mencius humanity traditional thought, dig actively learn the role of Mencius' Theory of Human Nature on the shaping of modern social ideal personality, committed to building a new type of form of society, we should actively face a major historical topics. Therefore, this paper aims to tease out from the traditional Confucian culture Mencius' Theory of Human Nature, to find the meeting point built with modern China's ideal personality. This paper attempts to visits from a parity novel dimension of Mencius' theory of human nature, the analysis methods follow the traditional theory of human nature, the analysis of the nature of the \Humanity study to establish the nature of the person, human liberation, human freedom, human personality. Establish the concept, a concern about people in the whole society, respect for people, shaping a positive atmosphere, and then turned to study the philosophy of life, its fundamental purpose is to bring up a noble character. The pursuit of ideal personality of each era is different, it embodies this era of the pursuit of life, the value of life, the characters is an example for others. Personality construction of harmonious society and therefore have been proposed, in building a harmonious society today, we should have what kind of value orientation as a the growth promoting vigorous civilization personality formation model to construct ideal personality thought, theoretical resources should look for self-Ho Department, these are issues that we have to consider. We should be based on the needs of our modern society, in the study of the traditional ideal personality rheological analysis on the foundation of the of personality status quo and causes, has proposed modern ideal personality characteristics and realize the way to provide a theoretical reference and support for the formation and development of our national personality . With this aim and purpose, from the following aspects are discussed: the first part discusses the origins of the the Mencius humanity thoughts. The systematic analysis of the era of evidence and theoretical origins of the Mencius humanity thoughts. The second part, the system analyzes the Mencius human thought and human nature ideology of modern and expounded the theory of human nature the basis of the of Mencius ideal personality. The third part examines the history of China's traditional ideal personality rheological analysis of the essence and the dregs of the ideas and theories of the ideal personality in the history of our country, as well as the positive or negative effects caused by the national personality. The fourth part, in-depth analysis of the status quo and the causes of our personality. The shaping our modern ideal personality the Mencius humanity thought, and to explore the significance of our modern ideal Personality.

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