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On the Development Trend of Graphic Communication in Digital Age

Author JiTaoPin
Tutor ChenHanQing
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords The digital age Visual Culture Graphic communication Effective interaction Dissemination of the future
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Since Negroponte in 1994, the concept of \The effect of the rapid development of modern communication technology, visual-centric dissemination system of graphic symbols that are slowly replacing traditional the language symbols dissemination system. Propagation era of visual culture, not only marks a cultural shift and the formation, marking a breakthrough in the aesthetic experience of both human and Aesthetic Perspective expansion and interpersonal rebuild, also marks a new communication concept expansion and the formation, but also means a transformation of human thinking paradigm. After years of rapid development, graphic communication has become a huge creative industries in a financial science and technology, economy, culture, art is one of the emerging interdisciplinary and economic globalization context. Graphic communication creative activities continue to promote human civilization and social and economic development. In this context, it is very important theoretical and practical significance of the digital age graphic communication trends. On the one hand, the old communication theory needs to adapt to the changes in the morphology of the dissemination of scientific and technological development and dissemination of the old design theory also need to adapt to the changes of the times; On the other hand, the new communication practice and design practice requires the innovation and development of the theory . This proposed new issue of Communication Research also raised new issues of design theory and practice. The trend on the digital age graphic communication consists of two parts: First, the digital age graphic communication status and graphical development history; future graphic communication, effective communication channels and trends to predict and describe . The purpose of the study of digital technology era graphics spread trends of is the understanding of the latest international developments, update propagation concepts and thinking way, strengthen the innovation capacity; understand the discipline of cutting-edge technology and explore the nature of the design and development trends, and to broaden the international perspective; explore and forecast figures of the era graphic communication effective ways and new trends, more effective, more meaningful to carry out graphic communication, to improve human social interaction and communication, and to promote the development of human civilization. System theory as the guiding principle, the use of interdisciplinary collaborative research, technical route, the combination of theory and practice to communications theory based on the use of the advantages of design theories and methods, looking for an entry point, and spread to the digital age graphic characteristics, the role of the audience as the main object of study, explore and predict the digital era graphics mode of transmission, ways and trends. The innovation of this paper and the research results: of the digital age graphic communication trends. 1. Construct digital age graphics propagation mode 2. Study audience service audience 3. Emphasized digital age graphic dissemination of effective interaction 4. Dissemination of the future: to break through the continuous progress of mind - graphic communication culture strategy design the designers proposed a new subject. As the main graphics creation - graphic designers is very necessary to reposition and develop their own systems on the way of thinking, the point of view of the use of systems theory to guide innovation; information technology as a platform for the creative design of a high level of fit in with the visual information. art combined with people's lives and social needs, and to find a new mission of information dissemination on the information superhighway.

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