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Study on Marxist Globalization Theory

Author ZhouZiKun
Tutor JiaDongHai
School Northwest University for Nationalities
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Marx globalization thinking world history contemporary significance
CLC F091.91
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In the nineteen forties, Marx and Engels summarized the developing world trade and the constantly unceasing world market. They are the earliest to capture the development trend of globalization, to incisively foresee and profoundly discuss the problems of globalization. Along with the accelerating of globalization process, a series of global practice problems and theoretical problems sparked. Under the background, research of globalization has become the most commonly used and the most popular topic in academia circles around the world. To solve these problems needs the scientific method as the guide, thus making the long buried Marx’s thought be emphasized again in dealing with various aspects of various and complicated problems in globalization, and blossoming a dazzling brilliance.Marx actually did not speak the word "globalization", most of the time he used such words as "world history", "world market", "world trade, etc. However, judging whether a thinker has his own position is not by whether he has proposed and used the terms and related concepts that is identical to those that are used now, but by whether he has provided the scientific method of analysis and substantial theory viewpoint to the basic problems of the theory. Therefore, understanding the globalization of Marx’s thought does not lie in the general description of itself, but in the study of its inner development globalization thinking process and essential characteristics. Marxism, as a profound theory, contains rich and self-sustaining globalization thinking.Guided by the basic principle of historical materialism, based on the text research of Marx and combined with reality, this paper explores the formation and theoretical origin of globalization thinking, and expounds its contemporary significance in consideration of the actual situation in China.

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