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Data Matrix Composite car three standard operating procedure Method

Author LiuJiang
Tutor WangKeFeng
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Chemical Engineering
Keywords Operation sequence Three standard data matrix Driving Optimal control theory
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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With the advancement of science and technology, to achieve a comprehensive modernization of industrial production, the production process more complex, modern, it faces security issues, energy issues and operational optimization problems have become increasingly prominent. At present, domestic and foreign large car production plant process operation, in essence, still rely on experience guiding operation, this operation performed based on experience brought insecurity, raw materials and energy waste from the chemical industry for sustainable development gives us the perspective of chemical process design problems operating procedures. Driving past the consolidated operating procedures are reasonable, optimization, there is little theoretically give proof. To address this situation, this paper proposes three standard operating procedure data matrix integrated approach by car. The main contents are as follows: a process system is running in accordance with the life-cycle perspective, the process operation is divided into four categories. And that operation is different from the normal production car, the biggest feature is the state of the process variables and manipulated variables constant change. Propose a new concept car operating procedures. That is proposed in the application of complex systems driving step, a complex system to drive the process can be approximated as a series of subsystems or components to drive the process unit operations. Therefore, driving operation can see there is a path from a number of optimization is to find an operating path, the system given by the initial state to the target state. 2 that the integrated drive operation requires solving two problems: the chemical design problems; chemical process control problems. From the point of view of the process control system control block diagram, drawn out of the past to drive the process of manually operated limitations, you must determine the controller pre-set control law that tracks changes in the manipulated variable, and the process controlled variable trajectory. Standard data matrix layer 3 made integrated operating procedures and methods, the matrix whose columns are the discrete system through the operating time of the first layer line is the state variable value, the second layer of the device to adjust the value of the manipulated variable The third layer is the state of operation of the device specific parameter, such as the valve opening degree. Thus, the controlled variable, manipulated variable in the same matrix described, conducive to optimal control theory for solving the optimal operating path. Has been proven through rigorous rational optimization of drive operating procedures. 4 For the selected reaction tank driving time optimization issues, freedom of analysis, the number of variables is greater than the number of equations drive system optimization problems exist. Namely, the existence of numerous operating path from the initial state of the system to the destination state. For this case, according to the controlled variable, manipulated variable selection rules and the design characteristics of the system itself controller, the trajectory of the manipulated variable solved after the system operating according to our desired path to the target state. For solving the proposed car plug flow tubular reactor optimal temperature distribution problems in the traditional iterative solution method is proposed based on the use of genetic algorithm fmincon functions and two new direct search algorithm, by comparing the results of three methods are described You can get the correct result, but with the traditional methods, two new methods for the initial requirements are not very strict, is conducive to solving such problems.

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