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Research of Adjustment Theory Based on Extended Correlation Least Mean Square Algorithm

Author KangShaoLi
Tutor ChenZuo
School Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Echo cancellation Adaptive filtering algorithm Full-duplex environment Variable tap Variable step size
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the development of science and technology , human step forward to see the era of information , including signal processing has become one of the hot topics of the research . The endless variety of means of communication , including the quality of voice calls more and more to get people's attention , for a long time , call echo and noise has always been the major problem affecting communication quality , especially in a variety of high - delay application of the means of communication , so that these The problem is more and more prominent . To this end , as represented by the minimum mean square algorithm (LMS) adaptive filter is started to be applied. LMS algorithm with a small amount of calculation , easy to implement real-time processing , fast development . However, in the duplex case , LMS can not work normally . Adaptive filtering algorithm based on the correlation function is designed for full-duplex environment designed a new adaptive filtering algorithm . However, the existing adaptive filtering algorithm based on the correlation function of the problem also exists . This article describes two algorithms : the relevant minimum mean square algorithm (CLMS) and expand the minimum mean square algorithm ( ECLMS ) by the experimental data can be seen in the duplex under the conditions of normal work . But the algorithm still exist shortcomings , such as the error signal convergence rate is not high, can not handle long - echo pulse response . Solve these problems , this paper carried out the research work , mainly as follows : ( 1) in the the ECLMS algorithm based on variable tap improvement . Proposed the the variable tap ECLMS algorithm ( TECLMS ) . According to the characteristics of its wiper in the process of operation of the algorithms , the error signal according to the conditions on the front and back twice compared to select the appropriate tap values ??such that the number of taps descending gradually changed , thereby reducing the computational complexity of the algorithm . (2 ) A variable step size the the algorithm of ECLMS ( SECLMS ) , select the exponential function as a step adjustment formula , making the step for a larger value of the error signal , in the hours of the wrong signal to the error signal for a smaller value . The experimental results can be seen the effect SECLMS experimental ECLMS . The new algorithm with existing adaptive filtering algorithm based on the correlation function of the same strain , it is entirely possible to better apply to full-duplex environment .

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