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The Design and Analysis of Silicon Microphone

Author LinJiang
Tutor HuJianPing
School Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Circuits and Systems
Keywords Silicon Microphone analogy circuit ANSYS MEMS
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) are consisted of micro-sensor, micro-actuator, controlling circuit, interface circuit and power resource. They are consisted of different kinds of elements, completes certain works. Their development will engender profound impact on science and technology, ways of production, quality of living of human beings. Nowadays almost of consumer electronics are along the way which is smaller, more intellectual, more integrative, which demands of market the MEMS satisfy, and MEMS’final influence on the consumer electronics is not only decreasing of their size and weight, but also reducing of costs, advancing of capability.Silicon microphones are one of the most important member of MEMS device. They get the major advance of the MEMS device, that have their size of about 1mm*1mm or less, What is more, they use the similar technology of intergrated circuit, and some factories such as Infineon company of Germany have intergrated the sensor and the circuit outside using the intergrated circuit technology, finally minimize the whole device.This paper analysis, design, and manufacture the capacitance Silicon Microphone, and it has higher sensitivity and simplier structure than the other Silicon microphone, so here use it. This paper get through with the works below:(1) Design the complete capacitance Silicon Microphone analogy model, analysis it with PSPICE, get results that frequency spectrum is flat below 10kHz, output voltage is 5.4244mV at 1kHz, resonant frequency is 44.008kHz;(2) Design the capacitance Silicon Microphone, calculate out its squeeze-film number is 0.13, the biggest amplititude hmax=2.9×10-7m, the rate of chance capacitance is 33.6%;(3) With ANSYS software demonstrate and simulate the work of capacitance Silicon Microphone, result out its first frequency is 10.509kHz, the biggest amplititude is 2.242×10-7m, the highest stress is on the corner of the corrugation near the fixed point.(4) Manufacture the capacitance Silicon Microphone which has vibration membrane radius 0.5mm, the number ,height and width of corrugation is 1, 1μm and 5μm, the backboard area is 1.2mm×1.2mm, thickness is 5μm and perforated greatly, its acoustic holes’area is 100μm×100μm. This paper is of up-to-down design spirit, firstly determine the most important parameters of capacitance Silicon Microphone through analysising the whole structure mainly using analogy circuit, and then calculate the dynamics of the circle membrane, then analysis the mechanical structure through ANSYS software, and then design the device using currently available technology. Compare the results, we can dicover that our designed novel Silicon Microphone is suit to the kinetics design, has great market prospect.

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