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Team building study of dual- qualified teachers of the vocational colleges

Author LiBing
Tutor TianCunGang
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Business Administration
Keywords higher vocational education vocational colleges double-quality teachers teaching staff
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Higher vocational education, a new type appearing in the developing process of higher education, shoulders the mission of cultivating qualified high-skilled talents working in the front line of production, construction, service and management. It plays an irreplaceable role in the course of speeding up socialist modernization in China. Training high-skilled talents cannot be done without the double-quality teaching staff. With the rapid development of higher vocational education, the problems concerning with the double-quality teaching staff have become more and more obvious, and thus become the development "bottlenecks" restricting the development of higher vocational education. Therefore, there are heated discussions on "two-qualification" teachers’team construction in the higher vocational colleges. Generally speaking, throughout the research made by the domestic numerous experts and scholars, there are more essays on the construction of the double-quality teaching staff in ordinary vocational colleges than in financial and economic institutions, especially much more than in newly-established state financial and economic colleges; in addition, there are more essays on this issue from the standpoint of pedagogy theory than from management principles. Different from other types of vocational colleges (such as polytechnic colleges, agricultural colleges, medical colleges and so on), financial and economic vocational colleges aim at cultivating students who are geared to production of enterprises, and who are supposed to be the qualified management personnel in forefront. The faculty construction in such colleges have the following characteristics: closely-combined professional theory and specialty practice for teachers, the high mobility of teachers, and the limited professional practice by the teachers. Therefore, to study the construction issue of double-quality teachers in higher financial and economical vocational colleges has both theoretical and practical significance.As is illustrated by examples of some newly-established state financial and economical vocational colleges in Province A, this passage first defines such terms as newly-established state-running financial and economic vocational colleges, double-quality teachers, double-quality teachers majoring in finance and economy and so on. Second, through the surveys in the double-quality teaching staff in the four newly-established state-running financial and economical vocational colleges in Province A, this passage states the problems existing in the newly-established state-running financial and economic vocational colleges. For example, there are not enough double-quality teachers, and the teaching staff structure is unreasonable. The faculty is also unstable. As to the double-quality teachers themselves, their innovation capability is not strong, and their professional practice skills are relatively lacking. Third, this passage analyzes the direct reasons for the above problems. Then on the basis of relevant theories as well as running experiences and the teaching staff construction experiences from the developed higher vocational colleges abroad, combining with the actuality at home, it proposes the possible solutions to these problems for related and similar institutions. To build a better institution and teaching staff, great importance should be attached to the construction of double-quality teachers in financial and economic vocational colleges, funds should be increased to improve the treatment and status of double-quality teachers, policy should also be made to strengthen school-enterprise cooperation which cultivates double-quality teachers. Management system of constructing double-quality teachers should be perfected, the ideological and moral quality of teachers is expected to be improved as well as their professional quality. In short, the overall quality of double-quality teachers in financial and economic vocational colleges should be promoted. Finally the passage suggests these colleges’finding a more appropriate running mode to strengthen the training and construction force of double-quality teachers individually and collectively. The suggestions and countermeasures proposed in this passage are expected to offer help to the related colleges on the issue of double-quality faculty’s construction more or less.In brief, this passage’s innovative points are that it not only analyzes from the direct reasons and from the standpoint of management principles, but also proposes the countermeasures and suggestions to solve the current problems.

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