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Rotary cutting mower research

Author LiJiangGuo
Tutor LiuZhanLiang;ZhangJinGuo
School Agricultural University of Hebei
Course Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords Conservation tillage Weeder Rolling cutter Kinematic analysis Stability Analysis
CLC S224.15
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Two crops a year in the vast region to promote conservation tillage agricultural workers in the region is an important task, and its far-reaching significance. At present, the main method of weed control is the use of chemical or mechanical methods to chemical herbicides, few areas still use manual weeding. Manual weeding labor-intensive, time-consuming, inefficient operations; chemical or mechanical weed control chemicals used chemical herbicide residual toxicity to plants and soil caused by certain chemical pollution, environmental pollution, which is the purpose of the sustainable development of agriculture contrary. In this paper, seriously appreciate the principle of conservation tillage techniques and requirements, in order to solve the weeding operations, reduce labor intensity, improve labor productivity while reducing environmental pollution, research and designed a mechanical weed control device - rotary cutting mower. In the following areas for a more in-depth study: (1) Through theoretical analysis and comparison test, design a good herbicidal properties of rotary cutting mower roll cutter, and its various technical parameters of the related research. Establish a rolling cutter in rigid plastic soil and soil movement model to analyze the movement of rolling cutter and weeding operation principle, preliminary exploration of the rolling cutter and soil interaction theory. (2) Based on the theoretical analysis of the rolling cutter conducted field trials. Experimental results show that the thin steel cutting knife made of toothed disc weeding is better, then analyzes the soil moisture, spacing between two adjacent rolling cutter and lawn mower counterweight hasty impact on profit. (3) Rolling-cut lawn mower around the key components - rolling cutter, designed the chassis ground copying device, front and rear axle and rolling cutter knife sets and other components. According to the principles of kinematics, on the whole stability of motion in the horizontal plane and the vertical plane of motion stability of the analysis to identify factors and their improvements to enhance the stability of motion. Rotary cutting mower prototype at the end of May 2005 after fabrication, experiments were carried out in Hebei Shenze, arrive at different soil moisture and depth of buried weed rolling cutter pulls out rate. Experiments show that the aircraft has been designed to achieve the main goal: simple structure; work fast, weeding efficiency; instead of manual weeding and chemical weed control, to environmental pollution to a minimum limit; weeding operations in the same time, roll cutter tooth structure can also be effective crushing clods; plots of soil bulk density reduced bulkiness improve soil, increase soil permeability.

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