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The Stragtic Market Posioning Reserch of Shanghai Nikko Hotel

Author YangLi
Tutor LiShuMin
School Northwestern University
Course Business Administration
Keywords Hotel market SWOT matrix Market Analysis Market positioning
CLC F719
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Competition is the product of the market economy is a means of social development and progress.How to survive in the fierce competition, how to handle their own business operations,which requires the knowledge of the market and the ability to accurate analysis of the market. Hotel operators must be aware of the severity of competition, if they can research the market environment base on their own strengths and weaknesses,through market segmentation, accurate market positioning and product innovation in business strategy. Enterprises will be in an invincible position and maintain the previous status and style.This essay focuses on Nikko Hotel in Shanghai (short for Shanghai JAL) market positioning strategy for the study, based on Shanghai local marketing practice, development needs and the local hotel industry, the actual market situation.The purpose is to provide specific and feasible market analysis reports and market positioning planning and recommendations for the hotels which will open in Shanghai in the future. The study starts from research through the collection and access to a large number of documents and data, extensive collection of practical information and the Shanghai local hotel industry’s first-line information and data, comparison and reference to other internationally renowned five-star hotel local characteristics of the development and use strategic analysis of the Porter Five Forces Model,SWOT analysis and other methods,theoretically and practically dominated to conduct real simulation analysis. Paper is divided into five chapters,the first chapter is the background of this study, the purpose, significance and research ideas,methods;the second chapter describes the strategic management theories and an overview of the theory of market positioning;The third chapter describes the Hotel Nikko Shanghai basic information and background;The forth chapter using market analysis, combined with Shanghai city profiles,macroeconomic conditions, market development of Shanghai tourism situation and characteristics,as well as Nikko Hotel Changning District, their geographical market environment for competition, pressure, etc.of the hotel faces Internal and external environment analysis;the fifth chapter uses the strategic analysis of the Porter Five Forces Model,SWOT analysis and other methods to analysis theoretically and practically the real situation.Determine the hotel’s own advantages and disadvantages faced in the market opportunities and threats,and further define the strategic positioning of the hotel thinking and positioning goals;the sixth Chapter gives some recommendation specifically to the strategic position of Shanghai Nikko Hotel.This essay based on reality and depth analysis Shanghai hotel market characteristics,status of development.It uses market positioning and strategic management theory combines Shanghai Hotel Nikko business practice closely. It uses the actual conditions of the hotel, suited to local conditions for a comprehensive planning analysis and recommendations,combined with the local target market, consumer acceptance formulated a special service plan, given specific characteristics of their own development consistent with the market management thinking, with more high relevance and practicality. The need to compete for the hotel, worked out for the next time the management and development of a more complete differentiation strategy, with strong practical significance.Market situation is also complicated the situation, how to use their own strengths,overcome its weaknesses,and gradually perfect the operation of the project planning, enhance innovation capability, access to strategic competitiveness,attract more market share and make good reference for similar businesses.

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