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Gender Bias in English Language Teaching Textbooks

Author GongPing
Tutor WenBin
School Central China Normal University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Gender bias English textbooks Content Analysis Linguistic analysis
CLC H319
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Gender bias in the foreign language textbooks is one of the important research direction of the foreign language teaching. However, not enough domestic scholars of gender bias in the foreign language textbooks. Foreign language textbooks not only spread the knowledge of the language, but also carries the social, political and moral values. These the values ??implied textbooks inevitably impact on students subtle impact. Therefore, examine language textbooks in the existence of gender bias is necessary. This research attempts through six university level English textbooks systems currently being used quantitative analysis to examine which contained the nature and extent of the gender bias. In this study, a combination of content analysis and linguistic analysis, to examine the six textbooks gender bias phenomenon from different angles. Content analysis in the text part and practice part. Language analysis carried out on the two levels of vocabulary and sentence. Specifically, this study examines the following three aspects: (1) textbooks in the number of female and male and importance; (2) textbooks in the number of men and women of the occupations and occupational categories; (3) textbooks language using the hidden gender bias. The statistics of the study show that the gender bias in textbooks examined the phenomenon is relatively common, and is primarily for women. The six textbooks gender bias exists mainly reflected in four aspects: hidden but not stereotype, language bias and male social remarkable. The number of women is much lower than that of men in the six textbooks, career women are also considerably less than men. The six textbook lesson part not contain the outstanding figures of women, male outstanding figures in the text, there are 32. From the stereotype of view, one of the few professional women in the education, care and entertainment industry, such as: teachers, nurses, actors. In contrast, the diverse roles of male occupations, and are concentrated in the higher social status and prestige in the industry. In addition, the social roles of women are more confined to the family. Part of the contents of the text part and practice analysis show that the text part of the gender bias phenomenon than to practice some serious. Discussion: this study for language bias phenomenon textbooks from three aspects refers to the generation of men and women of the word of the order, called and men through the structure. The rheme small sentence level analysis showed men have social remarkable. The results of this study indicate that we should raise the awareness of gender presented in English textbooks. The relevant departments should develop appropriate guidelines to eliminate gender bias in textbooks and other forms of discrimination; teachers should be creative, reducing the negative impact of gender bias in textbooks brought to students. The paper concludes with recommendations for future research.

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