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Theory of Economic Laws and Regulations for Government Intervention in the Economic Behaviour

Author WeiQin
Tutor CaoHaiJing
School Central China Normal University
Course Economic Law
Keywords Economic Law Government Intervention in the economy Regulation
CLC D922.29
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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The phenomenon of market failure to government intervention in the economy has become necessary, but also exists the failure of government intervention, therefore economic law must intervene in the government, reveal government intervention in the economy, as standardize government intervention as an important task for analysis of the economic law demonstrable government intervention in the economy's legitimacy; limited economic power with full market rights, \The paper is divided into four parts to study explore the the economic regulations issue of government intervention in economic behavior. Part I: Economic Law positioning in the market economy. Based on its position in the formation of Law from the tasks and objectives of the economic law of these two aspects of the economic law of positioning in a market economy. By the very existence of market imperfections in China's economic life, government failure actually occurred in China, the market is imperfect in three areas to illustrate the economic law formed the basis and foundation; functional limitations by analyzing civil and commercial law and administrative law in a market economy, clarify clear economic law, China's economic law play an important mission, a pivotal position; task of economic law focus is reflected in several major aspects of the protection of free competition, protection of the main body of the market economy, and to identify macroeconomic management rules, and in order to achieve efficiency and equity the balance constraints balance between the market and constrain government as its target. Part II: government intervention in the moderate economic behavior and norms. Analysis of the necessity of government intervention in economic behavior on the one hand, should also attach importance to its moderation; the other hand, analysis of economic law regulating government intervention in the economic behavior of the reasons and validity. Prone homes in the public interest in the government to intervene in the process and take the phenomenon of internal self-interest of the government agencies, government intervention lead to the inherent scale expansion of the functions of government intervention in the lack of effective regulation and strict supervision of the normal capacity of the mistakes of the government decision-making to reduce government intervention in the economy. make economic law must regulate the behavior of government intervention in the economy, and economic law, compared with the balance of economic power and market rights effectiveness, legal balance these two to be the creation of a rule of law is a power and the right mutual restrictions structure, rather than the power to govern the rights of the tilt of power relations. Part III: the improvement of the economic law in China, with government intervention in the regulation of economic behavior. This section first analysis of China's current lack of economic law system is mainly manifested in the following aspects: First, the current economic law on the lack of government functions binding. Asymmetrical, unbalanced; powers, duties and responsibilities of government in economic activity in standardizing market economic order, the Market Regulation flawed legal system. Third, the current economic law is far from perfect given the government's macro-control, and promote the overall economic and social development functions. To this end, the government in economic law accurately locate and government functions and the rule of law must be to improve the following key aspects: first, to improve the relations of the government and enterprises, government and society and layer the main legislation; Second, the adjustment of market regulation law legislation The guiding principle,

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