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New Method of Laser Ranging Radar

Author YinShengBao
Tutor YanHuiMin
School Zhejiang University
Course Optical Engineering
Keywords No scanning laser range finder Photomultiplier tube (PMT) Pulse -gain modulation
CLC TN958.98
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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No scanning laser radar range imaging and ranging system compared to other dynamic objects can clear imaging , low power consumption , small size and low cost advantages. Whether in the military or in the civil area has a very important position , is the focus of the laser radar research directions . This paper describes four different based on the principle of non- scanning laser radar program . Which gain modulation method based on pulse -free scanning laser radar has a strong creative , which used pulsed light , pulsed light source emits pulsed light irradiation target object , the object reflected by functional optical receiver MCP (Micro Channel Plate) receives the applying a linear gain adjustment MCP , the MCP output light field to form a new , the CCD (Charge Couple Device) reception. CCD output image obtained by the image processing three-dimensional image information. The program for the background light interference is not sensitive imageable distance, has great research value. This is designed to validate a simulation system based on non- pulse modulation scanning laser radar ranging feasibility , as photomultiplier tubes PMT (Photoelectric electron-multiplier tube) and MCP in function with the maximum similarity , the analog system features optical receiver using a photomultiplier tube . System by the laser drive module , PMT driver module , the timing control module , receiver module samples of four parts . We use self-developed simulation system for a large number of simulation experiments , after analysis of the experimental results revealed that the simulation system can reach 1 km distance measurement , measurement error of 15 meters , indicating that the program is indeed feasible. Finally, the paper error sources were analyzed, and the entire project was carried out summary and outlook .

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